Welcome to the whoiswatchingme website

Most CCTV warning signs* need to carry contact information of how to contact the CCTV “Scheme” operator. This website provides a low cost, flexible and efficient way of doing this without messing about with expensive personalised signage.

Every “whoiswatchingme” sign & sticker is printed with a unique serial number that allow CCTV owners to register their signage so that a member of public can identify and contact the CCTV Scheme operator. Essential in helping ensure the Scheme complies with the data protection act.

It's easy to register the unique “whoiswatchingme” signs and stickers —

warning stickerNote — each sign and sticker contains a unique ref ID

  1. Use your mobile to scan the QR code with a QR scanner app or alternatively go to this site
  2. Log in or create a new account using the serial number on the “whoiswatchingme” sign you have purchased
  3. Register your sign against a “CCTV Scheme”
  4. Fill in the contact details of who is responsible for that scheme


When a member of public or police need to contact the CCTV Scheme operator they simply make a note of the serial number & web address on the sign and they enter it in to the “Lookup” page on this website, this instantly gives them the CCTV Scheme operator contact details.

Simple, fast and efficient.

*Private households are not bound by the Data Protection Act 1998.